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Seeking Thrills, Finding Peace

Or is that seeking peace and finding thrills?

Not much blogging time as I've been pretty Thai-ed up the past few days.

Thanks very much, I'm here all week, try the Lad Nar.

The trip's been lovely so far. A couple of adventures and lots of relaxing. I keep bouncing between two heads ... one that says I should be doing more with my time here (Must. See. And. Do. Everything.) and the other says you're at a spa on a quiet beach on a Thai island, so just chill.

And that got me on a big think about the pros and cons of controlling versus letting go and how there is a dichotomy there. A controlled meditation (or yoga, or writing) practice can lead to letting go. But if you try too hard to just be in the moment, then things can go out of control.

And we breathe and journal and hope that a short story comes out of this someday.

I did have a lovely moment of post-massage zen this afternoon, sitting on a terrace, listening to waterfalls and bullfrogs, watching a tiny sailboat, pinkish-white in the sunset's reflection, slowing drift across the bay in front of me. I sort of wished I had a camera, but if I ran back to the room, my ginger tea would have grown cold and I'd have lost the moment anyway.

Tomorrow is the "hong by starlight" sea canoe trip. No no no, it's not all massages and ladyboys and shots of tequilla with the bar manager and his boys (Choke, Tom, Mo, and Joke ... no lie) ... we're thrillseekers as well.

International thrillseekers. Yup, that's us.