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Success Stories

Yesterday's Short Story Festival was a big hit, methinks. Congratulations to Rebekah and Paul for putting together such a strong collection of work. There were authors and publishers from all over the UK (as well as the US and Europe) reading from and talking about short stories. Very inspiring, and I've found some new markets to shop out to.

And, since this event had been sponsored by Get London Reading, I'm told there were many more submissions than normal for the Tales of the DeCongested section of the program. So I'm extra pleased that my "Table for Wonder" made the cut. Yay me. The reading went well, I got some hearty laughs (and not just because my fly was undone), and some truly lovely feedback. Too bad you weren't there.

But wait! You might just be able to turn back time. The readings were all recorded, so I think that the stories will soon be available as podcasts over at here. I'll keep you posted.

And in other exciting news, my favorite little show that could has some really big news.
I saw [title of show] a year and a half ago and wrote about it here.

Since then, they've created a little video mini-series, which is very clever and very funny. The latest installment brought a wee tear to my eye this morning.

Good on them, and there's no better reason to book your tickets to New York now.