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It's Gonna Be the Best Week Ever!

I hate moving.

I don't mind change so much, but I hate moving.

Got the keys for the new place today. It looks smaller than I remember, which makes me a little angstier than I wanted to be already am. I can't remember ... do rooms look smaller furnished or unfurnished? Someone tell me they look smaller when they're empty. Go on. Lie to me if you have to.

Oh well, whatever doesn't fit doesn't fit. It's all about detachment, right? Ohm. And then we buy new stuff.

Speaking of detachment, I would very much like to detach the dandruff-covered head of the little man behind the Post Office Window #5 from his body. After queuing for half and hour, he looked at my change of address forms for about ten minutes before decreeing that a Citigroup/Smith Barney investment account statement would not work as proof of my previous address and that I had to bring in a UK bank statement, with sort code and account number.

"Why do you need my bank details in order to forward my mail?" I thought it was a fair question.

He mumbled something about making a reference in case there were any problems and I told him to take the investment account number, but he wasn't comfortable doing that. And pointed out that the form says I needed to bring a bank account statement.

And apparently, although this was not stated on the form, it has to be a UK onshore bank account, the offshore one I had was no good.

Ah, the bureaucracy of civil service. Apparently, if I didn't have a regular checking account, my mail cannot be redirected. So I now I need to unbox my paperwork and go queue up again. Cheers.

We packed up tomorrow and moved into the new place on Wednesday. I want this week to be over before it's even begun. And I'm totally not ready for the BT / Sky services to be changed. The broadband was a friggin' nightmare last time.

La la la. I've gotten really spoiled living in B2 ... I'm missing it already.

*Sighs sadly * and breathes through the angst.

Did I mention I hate moving?