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And I Was Worried about What?

One has to wonder.

If I hadn't gotten myself so stressed about this move, would I be so content tonight? I'm sitting in a room full of not-as-many-boxes as I thought would be here, pleased that all the bedroom furniture fits into the new master bedroom much more perfectly than either of us expected, and I have broadband and Sky.


I'd say that we're 75-80% settled in There's still some organizing to do, some glitches to work through, a few boxes to still unpack, and some storage units to purchase. But the place is totally livable right now ... less than twelve hours after the first box came up the stairs.

The day's congratulations have to go to A Gentleman & a Van actually, six lovely gentlemen and three vans. I owe my sanity (and maybe a few fantasies) to James, Jonti, Charlie, Dieter, Louis and Milo. They were professional, efficient, friendly, funny, helpful, more than easy on the eye, and ever so kind. What a pleasure to work with people who seem to enjoy doing what they're paid to, especially when it's (at least to me) really crappy work. They went above and beyond the call of duty, and it was an absolute delight to spend the day with them.

They would have unpacked and put away even more, but there's a definite lack of bookshelf and storage space compared to B2, so there was no reason to unpack the rest. They're totally invited to the housewarming. I wonder if any of them tend bar?

You know who else was kind of brilliant today? Gypsy and Cab. The trip over wasn't their most pleasant of moments, it's always a bit of drama getting them into a carrier and out into the real world. But I got them here without so much as a scratch, and they've already shown signs of adapting quite well (or maybe it's just relocation resignation). God bless the Feliway. Or maybe they were just thrilled to not end up in an airplane cargo hold once they got into the cat carrier. I kept telling them, it's only a half-mile away, it's not Meowschwitz.

So we're in. And I'm in a much better head than I was the past few days. I might even get some sleep tonight. Maybe it's the Feliway.

Let's see how long it lasts.