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Listen Up

The DeCongested folk have posted podcasts of some of the readings from last weekend's Short Story Festival.

If you want, you can hear me reading my contribution, "Table for Wonder," here (there's some f-bombs, so it's PNSFW). Too bad the audience wasn't miked, the laughs were much louder in real life. The text is here.

In other news, I did not run the marathon today (although I registered online for 2009, which if I get turned down, I'm automatically in for 2010) , but had a marathon day of sofa napping.

Sky technicians are coming to sort out the signal problems tomorrow (65 for the visit). BT technicians are coming a week from Monday to sort out an internal line switch that's going to cost 128 (because "we turn on the line that's convenient for us, not what's convenient for the customer" ... yes, that's what the 3rd lady I spoke with told me ... don't get me started). Bathroom storage is getting delivered on Friday and we've decided on bookshelves, so I have to go order those this week, and then probably wait awhile for delivery.

So that will be four afternoons (anytime between 1-6pm) when I won't be out and about. See, it is a good thing school's been a little slow and I don't have afternoon classes. So I'm spending money while not earning it. Nice. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy moving?

And we move on.