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Running from the Boxes

Life is not all about organizing closets, unpacking boxes, building flat-pack storage cabinets (the proofreader for Heal's DIY could stand a couple days in a quality control workshop), and waiting on a bookshelf delivery so one can get rid of the rest of the cardboard.

Oh no. Avenue Q speaks sings the truth: "There is life outside your apartment."

Today I ventured out for a long overdue run. Now that we're official "westies", we jogged out towards Holland Park, Kensington and into Shepherd's Bush ... and back. A lovely 6-mile tour.

I think I've figured out the post code system ... the bigger the number after the W, the more white the neighborhood is.

So now that I've burned up all those calories and got my endolphins swimming around, I think it's time to find a good Sunday roast and watch the parade on Old Compton Street. It's very nearly Spring outside!

We don't want to let go of too much tradition even though we're now on the other side of Edgeware Road.