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Wednesday Whatevers

  • The bookshelves new kitty condo finally arrived today.

    This was the third time the unit was delivered, but due to a series of mispacking errors, not to be confused with Miss Pacman errors, the boxes had to be returned and delivery rescheduled. Twice. Grrrr.

    Anyway, bygones. I'm glad there here and I just need to get the books of the floor and onto the shelves. Of course, now I'm wondering if I should organize them (alphabetically? by genre? hardcover vs. paper? fiction vs. non?) or just put them on the damn shelves.

  • I got my first professional rejection today (writing-wise, that is I got plenty of them when I used to audition), but it came with a semi-personalized note and, due to some statistics on Duotrope, I'm pretty sure it made it through at least the first round of the selection process. I've already resubmitted the piece to a different publication and my new goal is to acquire one hundred rejections over the next several months. And the only way to do that is to write more and submit more.

  • I wonder if wishing for rejections doesn't just piss right in the face of The Secret?. Oh well, you have to submit to get published, and odds are they'll be more rejections than acceptances, so there you have it. Write. Submit. Write.

  • Still haven't heard from the MA program, but I'm convincing myself that's good news (there must be a pony around here somewhere). They told me I'd know one way or t'other this week (and I know, the week's not over). The acceptance list was scheduled to go to the department secretary last Thursday night/Friday morning. I figure if I'm dinged it's a short "thank you for playing" letter and that would have already gone out. Mail usually gets here in a day and I've got bupkis. My rationale is the acceptance letters might need some packaging/processing/administration and could take longer to put together. That's my theory and I'm sticking with it, at least till Saturday morning.

  • Went for a run tonight after yet another torrential downpour. I'm thinking maybe we should've rented a houseboat rather than a new flat. Hyde Park is dead quiet at 8pm after a storm. Or maybe it's because the Chelsea/Liverpool game is on.

  • One shouldn't be able to see one's breath like it's the middle of winter during a run on April 30th. I know it's no use complaining about the weather, but I could really do with some sunshine and warmth.

  • I'm completely enjoying both of my students this week. One's an elementary-level mid-40s abrogado from Madrid who's helping my Spanish almost as much as I'm helping his English. The other is a 20-something beauty from Istanbul who is advanced and absolutely lovely. She came here for five days a few months ago and has stayed to become more fluent and hang out with her boyfriend who's at Cass. I thought she seemed a little bored with the lessons but booked another week because she "likes studying with me." Awwww.