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Gimme Gimme Gimme

There are rumors that HRC is going to pack it in tomorrow night.

There are also emails in my inbox, dated today, from her saying there are two more primaries and she needs my money.

So, either a) she has no design to take the high road and walk away gracefully (if that's still possible) or b) she's going to try to continue to beg for money to cover her campaign debt for as long as she can.

I wonder, if on the odd chance she were to win the Presidency, if she'd end every televised address with "and don't forget to go to HillaryClinton.com."

As much as Sex and the City made me briefly miss living in New York, every time I see coverage of this election I'm glad I'm not there. If I'm seeing this much over here, heaven knows what it's like stateside.

Television ads are going to be butt ugly for the next few months over there, aren't they?

But hey, don't worry about us ... we've got Big Brother 9 starting on Thursday. Maybe Hillz'll be in the house.