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"Hadron" Mean "Hades" on Nibiru

It's not all politics schmolitics here in Bobopolis. Oh no, it's not indeed. Sometimes I find myself drawn to science.

Here's one of my new favorite people. His argument is clearly-thought and he's fairly well-spoken not like those ranting pant-suit loving midwesterners who'd rather cross party lines, stay in Iraq for another hundred years, and throw their granddaughters' reproductive rights under a bus than than vote for "an inadequate black man."

Nope, this guy's one of the sane ones. Now then, do bear in mind, the Large Hadron Collider is indeed real (brought to you by CERN, the good folks who helped Al Gore to invent the Internet), and will be fired up this month, with more significant test runs some time in August.

Also bear in mind that our narrator doesn't realize that a version of the LHC has already been used ... it's the tool that Ben used to make the island disappear.

It's less than ten minutes out of your life ... and at least you'll be prepared and informed.