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Tee Party

I signed up for Hillary "give me money now" e-mail list way back when, mainly to see what she had to say during the battan death march to the Democratic Convention.

The most recent one (yup, they're still coming) has an extra added bonus. For just fifty bucks American (that's like what, ten quid?), you too can have a commemorative "I threw money at a millionaire and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" t-shirt.


It's not the shirt that simultaneously amuses and irks me so much, it's the fact that the design was the WINNER of a contest. It makes one wonder what the other entries looked like (if in fact there were any).

My fellow blogicans, I hereby make the following promise: if you give me $50, I will give you something infinitely more attractive to wear under your pantsuit.

Now then, where did I put that stack of Bob's Yer Uncle "show me on the doll where the bad man touched you" tees?