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First Class Theatre

A quick hello from rainy Edinburgh.

Heading out to meet the lovely Christina from the 2am Haiku Club in a bit so I'll be brief.

I saw The. Most. Amazing piece of theatre yesterday. It's called Terminus, and it's put on by Dublin's Abbey Theatre at the Traverse. If you have the chance to be anywhere near Edinburgh (and it's only a Fellini train ride away if you're anywhere in the UK) over the next couple weeks, I can't recommend it enough.

The words are poetic and dreamily disturbing. The staging is simple ... 3 people standing on platforms inside a frame of shattered glass. Three of the most compelling actors I've ever seen take turns delivering monologues that become increasingly intertwined. It is stunning. A master class in how to take command of the stage and tell a story. A rather twisted, slightly surrealistic, story involving suicide, murder, demons and the selling of souls ... but a beautiful one nonetheless.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous, we're seeing Pam Ann tonight. I hope I get into first class.