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Free Theatre

I spent the majority of yesterday chatting with friends, both old and new, and trying to avoid torrential downpours. I reckon that's not what "The Festival" is all about ... I should have been snaking my way through crowds and sitting in darkened rooms laughing at obscure comedy. But I had a blast anyway.

Sometimes sharing stories over a couple pints is even more entertaining than watching someone tell jokes on stage.

And, after two nights of only getting about 4 hours of sleep, I called it an early night after Pam Ann's new show (hysterical) and caught up on my rest.

It's beautiful out now, which is certain to change, so we're off to the Meadow to see tentfulls of comedy and whatnot and hopefully catch up with more friends (old and new).

Tonight is some kind of bi-monthly (once every two months, not twice a month) event at the Voodoo Room (Lounge?) which sounds like an upscale Duckie (which in itself sounds a bit oxymoronic). Can't wait.

Catch you on the flip side.