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Not Abigail, Not a Party

For two and a half hours last night, I couldn't take my eyes off Alison Steadman.

We went to see Enjoy, the revival of Alan Bennet's 1980 flop. The play itself is good, not great (I think he tried to tread where Pinter, and perhaps Orton, had gone before before with better success), but oh my goodness ... Ms Steadman was simply amazing. I've never seen all of Abigail's Party (I got the DVD as part of my assimilation packet), but have seen her as Mrs Bennett and Gavin's mum. Last night I saw a whole new completely developed person: a physical and vocal transformation that was nothing short of captivating.

That's two proper theatre experiences in one week. I caught Howie the Rookie on Wednesday, which was an in your face, tiny fringe production of Mark O'Rowe's (author of the brilliant Terminus) double-monologue of down-and-out Dubliners. It closes tonight, and it's a shame if you missed it.