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Highway to the Danger Zone

Hi honey, how was your day at the office?

I landed a Falcon 900EX at Teterboro airport. There was another plane too close in the landing pattern, it almost intercepted us and my left engine caught on fire.

Cool. I sent e-mails begging sales guys to hand over their client lists for some external market research.

I normally don't succumb to job envy. However, as a result of working on a lot of corporate aircraft lending, L's been getting a few perks of late, all in the name of "understanding the client's business." Today was a trip to a flight simulator, where he and some colleagues got to play Top Gun.

How cool is that? Apparently he did very well, which is good because the slightest turbelence usually sends him into a white-knuckled, Xanax-popping, breath-holding panic. I'm not saying he screams like a girl when he gets scared, I'm just saying.

But today, he's my little Red Baron.