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A-gay-zing Race

Chip and Reichen won?!?!? Wow. I really had my money on the goats ... and, poor dahlin's, they didn't even get to cross the finish line on camera.

Let's see. A million bucks. That's a little less than $600 grand after taxes, split it in two and Reichen's got around a quarter million to branch out on his own and dump the asshole. And according to reports, that's exactly what he did. Maybe Chip can use his money for driving lessons and anger management. And perhaps just a skosh of liposuction.

As for not needing lipo, young Jon looked kinda cute all nekkid. "Look at that big ... rock." Anybody got a contact at CBS who can get me some of that tape without the blurry circles? I promise to keep it all to myself and not sell it on eBay.