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Tuesday 200 - #16

“So Mags, have you ever done it with a midget?” Kappa asked.

I almost choked on my cotton candy. We were wandering around the carnival, taking in this summer’s collection of bells and whistles. Same old clackety roller coasters and puke-inducers. The only things new were a couple of air-brushed copyright infringements. Donald Duck and Scooby Doo hiking together on the backdrop of the Mini-Himalaya racers. Who knew that Disney and Warner Brothers were co-branding?

“No, I don’t share your Munchkinland orgy fantasy,” I shouted over the panicked screams of Cyclone riders, maybe a little too loudly. A teen mother shot me a dirty, but knowing, glare and steered her kids away from us.

“Look, there’s Otis.” We’d met Otis a couple seasons back. He'd lost two fingers on his left hand in some freak Tilt-a-Whirl mishap. He saw us, grinned and tossed us a double-digit wave.

Truth told, we were more interested in carnies than the carnival. The perfect scuzz husbands. Hard working, strong-armed, sinewy-backed transients, in need of a hot bath and a good fuck. Not necessarily in that order.

But we didn’t do that. We were good girls. Especially when the carnival wasn’t in town.

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