June 30, 2003

If Anyone Was Born to Play Medea ...

And once again, she makes us laugh.

It's always too much fun seeing Ms. Hoffman in a show, whether starring in one of her own (and there should be more), taking a turn in Tweed or Talent Family production, or in her "three minutes on Broadway" up at the Neil Simon. Tonight's collection of new material was no exception. Kristine Zbornik's blindingly funny dramatic interpretation of Girl from Ipanema was icing on the strudel.

Go see B.F.D. tomorrow night. I'm working to overcome that pesky space/time continuum thing, trying to be there as well as at Flesh and Blood. Since I've had tickets for the latter for some time now, I think it might win out. Sorry Andy.

June 29, 2003

Once On This Island (of Manhattan)

Happy Pride Yíall

Happy Anniversary to Larry and Me.

Eleven years ago, Pride fell on Sunday, June 28. Thatís the day Larry and I celebrate our anniversary. So, yesterday being the 28th and today being Pride, I guess this is our anniversary weekend.

Eleven years. Whoosh. Where does the time go?

Eleven years. In gay years, thatís Ö well I donít have the formula handy, but itís a long time. A long, amazing and wonderful time.

Eleven years ago I stated seeing a man and my life has been a series of amazements ever since. Weíve shared so much, lived in two cities, 4 apartments and found a house up on the Cape. Weíve been bored together, with each other and with the world in general. Weíve found ourselves excited and giggling ike litte kids on Christmas morning over the silliest of things.

We learned to SCUBA dive together. We trained for and run marathons together. Weíve been to Mexico, Australia, Canada and Greece and weíve got so many more places to go. We've faced fears together ... some we've gotten over, some we still struggle with.

Weíve found each otherís families to be way-too similar to our own, and have the great joy of each being a part of each otherís families Ö for better or worse. It's usually for better.

And we still laugh. A lot.

So on this day of Pride, I know that I'm proud, but I also know Iím even more grateful. Grateful for this life Iím sharing with the man I love. Grateful for my family and friends. Grateful for my health. But today, mostly grateful that a (seemingly) quiet Canadian came to my party just over 11 years ago.

For such a long time in my life, I wanted someone to sing me a certain song. Today, through lots of therapy and a little maturity, I can sing that song to myself, and to all of you, and especially to Larry Ö

The courage of a dreamer
The innocence of youth
The failures and the foolishness
That lead us to the truth

The hopes that make us happy
The hopes that donít come true
And all the love there ever was

I see this all in you
You are part, part of the human heart
You are part, part of the human heart

Of all who took the journey
And managed to endure
The ones who knew such tenderness
The ones who felt so sure

The ones who came before you
The others yet to come
And those who you will teach it to
And those you learned it from

You are part, part of the human heart
You are part, part of the human heart

This is the gift I give
Through your love you'll live

You are part, Part of the
Human heart

You are part
Tonight, Tonight

Part of the human...Heart.

Weíre all part of the human heart, so get out there and whoop it up Ö whether itís your Pride or just a regular old Sunday.


June 28, 2003

See Bob Run, Run Bob Run

The heatwave broke and it was gorgeous running weather this morning. My goal was to run the race in under 55 minutes, or finish just under 11-minute miles. I haven't been keeping up with the running lately and didn't want to overdo and be really sore tomorrow. Nothing worse than limping around a Pride Parade all day with stiff legs. Pride's about limber legs and stiff other things.

But I digress.

Ran with a friend who's in great shape and usually finished these things in 7-8 minute miles. She's a triathelete and is a little speed demon. So she ran slow to run with me, the time flew by and we finished with an official chip time of 46:44. That's 9:20 pace. No land speed record to be sure, but I think that might be a personal best for me at that distance. I was huffing and puffing there for awhile, but finished strong and never would have gone that fast on my own. Thanks Shelby.

The bad news is now I know I can go faster than I thought, so I have to learn to push myself a little harder and set some new goals. The only downside to running faster is that when you get better, you have to run even faster.

It's so much easier in a group -- and the energy of an organized race is always good for picking up the pace a bit. I keep knocking around the idea of joining Front Runners, but I always think I'm too slow. Maybe the time has come to just suck it up and get out there and commit.

June 27, 2003

Front (well, towards the end of the middle) Running

A last-minute decison had me on the Upper East Side (gasp) after work, where I registered for tomorrow's Pride Run. Come one, come all to Central Park in the morning. It's only 5 miles and the humidity's supposed to go down. Plus, it'll be a nice healthy way to start a weekend of celebration.

Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

Popped into a local watering hole after yesterday's rally in Sheridan Square and found two things from days gone by:

1. People (bartenders and patrons) smoking. How refreshing. How subversive. How delightful.

2. The long lost Will. Hadn't seen him in months (years?) and it was fun to reconnect. (Notes to C.B., Soc and Philth -- he asked about you all)

June 26, 2003

Is there a Confederacy in Heaven?

Gee, I thought the 6-3 decision would have done in Mr. Fallwell, not Mr. Thurmond.


"June 26 shall henceforth be known as Queer Christmas" ... tee hee, that Chris is a clever one.

Patience is a Virtue ...

... so I'm told. My Blogger-to-BlogSpot synch was on the fritz for a couple days and, getting no response from Blogger, I went ahead and registered bobzyeruncle as a domain and got a new provider. Heh heh, now Blogspot's back up.

Oh well, time to move on to the big leagues anyway. I just don't have to do it as quickly now.

Here endeth the circus metaphor: The trapeze I wanted got taken out of the ring today. I'm sad and frustrated and angry and maybe a trifle relieved (but don't tell anyone about that part). I'd really put myself into the head of leaving all the bullshit of the current place behind me and starting fresh. Doesn't look like that's going to happen, at least not as quickly as I'd mapped out in my mind.

So, the new challenge is to push forward with new opportunities at the existing place, be thankful I have a job, a cozy office, a little responsibility, new projects in the pipeline and the possibility of more smoke getting blown up my ass exciting, challenging room for growth in an established company.

I told the STBEB that I think I'll take a personal day on Monday, refocus and come back next week with a fresh attitude and lots of action plans. And then take the following week off to go to Ptown. Sounds like a plan.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to stay. I just wish that I knew how to cut through the layers of corporate politics and bureaucracy to actually get some good, smart processes put into place. After all this reorg limbo and committee work that has accomplished so very little, one could justifiably begin to jade.

I shall meditate on becoming the antithesis of jade. I just don't know what that is. Cautiously optimism? Healthy cynicism? Any suggestions?

Of course, my comments service is down, so it my be time to change that as well.

Change the sodomy laws, change the blog hoster, change it all.

Change is good.

Change for a dollar?

Very frustrating

I've got seveal posts that aren't making it to blogspot. I've tried starting a new account with this same template, which works. I've tried posting to an old blog and that works.

I can't figure out what's up with this particualr configuration. Apparently, I just can't get this to upload to the blogspot site.

I'll keep posting. After all it's for me that I write, not the few people that read this, right? Whatever.

I hate when things don't work like they should.

June 25, 2003

Because I Can't Do It Alone

Overheard at tonight's Corporate Challenge, while running past a pony-tailed Nicky/Paris wannabe, who was strolling along with a girlfriend, cell phone in hand ... "My dad wants be to meet someone who can make me a better person."

Wet Dreams

Had the coolest underwater dreams last night. Well, under something. It was like a big group of us were SCUBA diving, but without the equipment ... and we could talk to each other. It really wasn't like being underwater, because the atmosphere wasn't cold or liquid. It was thicker than air, but just barely. Not a lot of visibility; maybe 100 feet or so, as if we were underwater. We were hovering about, flying almost, and the fish (tons of beautiful parrotfish, triggerfish, angelfish, clownfish and giant seahorses that looked almost like little dinosaurs) were just floating and darting about in midair. Our home base was a huge glowing translucent submarine, shaped like a blimp.

Don't remember any real story or conflict in the dream, just the very vivid experience of being in this strange atmosphere, not having to walk to move and enjoying all the great creatures.

Maybe my subconscious was processing Finding Nemo, which I saw a couple weekends ago.

Later on, we were driving to the shore along a flooded highway in my Renault Le Car, the one with the flip back sunroof that almost made it a convertible. It was sort of a cartoon car.

June 24, 2003

Cirque du Trapeze

Just called the firm that's holding on to the trapeze I want, and they're off to a client event at Cirque du Soleil. I asked if things were progressing and was told yes. The muckety-mucks are meeting tomorrow and they'll call me after that.

This is exhausting.

I'm sure this doesn't apply

I'm sure this doesn't apply to you, because anybody who reads this is probably a considerate and reasonably tidy person. However, is it so hard for those who lift freeweights at the gym to put the plates back in some semblance of a grouping? I realize I have my Virgo tendencies and like things in nice orderly piles (although those who see my desk may beg to differ), but I don't think one would be bordering on OCD if one were to hang similar plates together on one rack. It's really not a Mensa test.

Also, gentlemen (as I have yet to go into a the ladies' shower at NYSC), if you remove a BAND-AIDģ brand adhesive bandage (or any generic version thereof) while in the shower, don't leave it on the rack of body wash/shampoo/conditioner. What kind of foul frickin' pig would do that?

Other than that, it was a lovely workout. Thanks for asking.

June 23, 2003

Back home after jaunts to

Back home after jaunts to Atlanta (meetings for work and libations for fun) and Ptown (pre-rental season tidying up, more libations, lots of sleep and a pair of movies).

Once again I come home from the Cape with the realization that our little condo called Cape Fear is truly a sanctuary to me. We're heading back for a full week in mid-July. Hopefully the weather will treat us a little more kindly. But if not, it's still sanctuary. And now it has snazzy new Martha Stewart patio furniture.

Some highlights since the last post ...

Saturday was 11 years to the day since I met Larry. Wow. A decade plus one. Who'd have thunk? We celebrate our anniversary next weekend (yes sir, we took our time), but it was 11 years ago that the cute Canadian first walked up my stairs, drank several glasses of draft beer, watched us get sentimental over Once On This Island and decided this was a dysfunctional boy he should get to know better. Hooray.

Had many laughs with Phil and Andrew on Thursday night. We don't know where the group of kids came from that were hanging out at Willy's, but wherever it was, apparently the one girl found the only feminine napkin belt left in creation. "Maybe it's vintage." Sweetie, if you're going to wear low-riders (ill-fitting as they were) and a midriff top AND have a maroon thong on for underwear, rethink your time-of-the-month accoutrement. I'm not one to judge, but ..... ick. And I checked with a real girl (my lovely sister) on this one. It's just not proper. Also not proper is having a bartender ask you do show your, um, "bead getter" (as we'd say in N'awlins), just to get a round of drinks. Being reared raised a gentleman, I did not honor his request ... right away. Fortunately I had the Elph in my pocket and the men's room wasn't too far a walk. Win win.

Skippy's voicemail on Phil's phone: "I'm drunk, I'm fat and I'm looking for a Taco Bell ... in Fort Lauderdale." It could be a new mantra, just change the city as appropriate. That and "She's fucked, I'm ready and the show must go on."

That last quote's from Camp, which we saw at the Ptown Film Festival. When it comes to a theater near you, PLEASE GO SEE IT. It's sweet and funny and smart and a little sappy and just everything that a movie about freaky kids who go to a musical theater summer camp should be. Todd Graff is one of my new heroes ... as are the kids who got cast in the film. It's a beauty.

Also saw Party Monster. A beauty as well? Not so much. I'm not saying it was painful, but some anesthesia wouldn't have been such a bad thing. Poor Macauly Caulkin ... he should spend the summer at Camp Ovation and take some acting lessons. Costumes and make up were fun. Seth Greene's a hoot. Moral of the story -- heroin is bad. Read the book instead. I started it awhile back and remember laughing. Denishoi assures me the written version is time better spent.

Speaking of books, I read a bunch over the past few days. Finished Dogs of Babel on the plane down south. The first few chapters were pedigree, and then she went to the pound and came up with a collections of mutts, all tied nicely into a faux-literary puzzle. A mediocre, quick beach read; especially if you don't have cable at the beach to turn on Lifetime. All that hype. Hmph.

Sheared through Running With Scissors, which I liked very much. I guess my family isn't so fucked up after all.

Poured my way through Dry on the ferry and the plane today. I'm finding the writing just as enjoyable, if not a little more believable than RWS and all the more poignant. I think I might be getting a crush on Mr. Burroughs, like I did a long time ago with Mr. Chabon when I read first read his Mysteries and as I do whenever I pick up something by Mr. Cunningham.

Haven't heard much about the trapeze situation. The alledged trip to Brussels has turned into a phone call and I'm waiting (im)patiently to hear about the other opportunity. They knew I was out of town till tomorrow, so ... fingers crossed. It's really out of my control, so what's the use in obsessively worrying and biting my nails and smoking and thinking of all the reasons I shouldn't get the job now that I want it.

I've been doing a lot of 3-part yoga breathing.

Young Master Potter and his friends were waiting for me when I got home, as were Carrie and the girls. So it's off to TiVo'd SATC, then get some sleep. Looking forward to reacquainting myself with the Hogwart's hoopla later in the week. As the Diva said, "You know, it's nice to see the kids again."

June 19, 2003

Just when I thought I

Just when I thought I knew what I was going to do, I get a voicemail this afternoon from the STBEB, and it seems my presence has been requested in Brussels in the next week or so to talk about internal/global opportunities.

Yes, circus fans, a new and unexpected trapeze has been lowered into the tent.

Okay then. Went and had a lovely 90-minute massage, came home, got packed (not a euphamism) and then sauntered off to Elmo for a couple kicky cocktails with Connie. Now it's time for sleep and then a tony little plane ride down to the streets of peaches. All fingers crossed for the upgrade.

A day and a half in Atlanta and then Ptown for the weekend.

Haven't heard from the folks I spoke with yesterday (Tuesday) yet.

Stay tuned. This is nuts.

June 18, 2003

A summer photo from a

A summer photo from a colleague in Hong Kong ...

June 17, 2003

I feel like the second

I feel like the second interview went pretty well today. Maybe all the morning nerves and changing my shirt/tie three times was unwarranted. Thank god I don't have to go on dates.

I was unexpectedly double-teamed by the CEO and CIO of the company, and it was much more laid back than I expected. Even got a couple of laughs in. These guys seem to play their cards pretty tight to the chest though, so I don't know anything more than I did before; at least with regard to if they think I'm the fit they need.

However, I did take away some tidbits on the positive side. My gut says they're decent men to work for, who aren't on power trips and enjoy their business. They seem to have complete trust in the woman who's brought me in for the position and the team she's built. I also know that once I go in and get the easy wins taken care of, there's plenty of room for growth. The things I'd like to to synch with what they see the role growing into. Nothing there is really broken, they just need someone dedicated on the inside to focus on what's there and then clean up/redefine some processes and deliverables. Virgo's are us.

I'm supposed to hear back tomorrow. Hopefully this will keep moving forward.

*presses rewind on the TiVo of my life, stops the recording at 10 years ago*

Them: So, Bob, where do you envision yourself in the next decade? Pehaps as a senior marketing exec at a leading asset managment firm?

Me: Ah ahah hahahahah ahhahahhahha hahahhahahhahahha hahahhahaha

Y'all, this life thing sure is an interesting ride.

June 16, 2003

Oh, did I mention that

Oh, did I mention that Larry threw me into the Grand Canyon last weekend?

I don't feel quite so

I don't feel quite so puffy anymore.

Skankilera, from Gawker:

Do you think that's real?

The easier to stalk you

The easier to stalk you with, my dear

Google has implemented a new feature wherein you can type someone's area code and telephone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) into the search bar and hit enter and then you will be given a map to their house.

Is that a good thing?

June 15, 2003

Interesting. Apparently the culprit was

Interesting. Apparently the culprit was "Pop-Up Stopper."

Here endeth the mystery and frustration.

Weirdness ... it only seems

Weirdness ... it only seems to be a problem when I'm using IE as me. If I log into XP as a different user, the java windows work fine. Also, if I use MSN explorer, it works fine.

I've tried to reset all my IE settings to default, but nothing seems to work. Suggestions?

I hate it when things don't work and they seem so simple. Why did I ever leave Mac? Well, it was work-related, but still.

Who's JAVA savvy?? For some

Who's JAVA savvy??

For some reason, when I click on links that are javascript windows (i.e., my comments, spell check on BloggerPro), it's not working. The smaller window sometimes tries to appear, but then goes away. I'm on XP, using IE 6.O. Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciate.

We now return to your regularly scheduled blogging.

June 14, 2003

Got a flier in the

Got a flier in the mail from Roundabout today with the freakiest picture I've seen in quite awhile. I was going to post it, but it seems blogger won't let me upload a file and I now see that Mark's beaten me to it. Did Mr. Secada not get photo approval? Or worse, did he?

Yoga ... done.
Read up on the history of hedge funds ... done.
Knock out a couple chapters of the talking dog book ... done.

There's a party on the patio next door, which from up here on the 9th floor, sounds muy festivo. The latin music is loud and fun, but fat as I feel, I'll be careful not to hang too far over the balcony, lest some of the children there pick up bats and start swinging at me in hopes of busting me open for candy and toys.

All in, 'twas not a bad day. Misread the yoga schedule and got there 90 minutes early. So I took a walk through the village, saw some hot firemen hanging out at a streetfair on Greenwich Ave (would that be an Avenue fair?), and ambled through Washington Square Park. Haven't been there in forever. Thought of Jeanette losing her hands in Willie and Phil. A little chanting, a little stretching and a little meditation later, I was home safe and sound before the thunderstorms came. So this is what it's like to live in Seattle. Quelle dreary.

Looking forward to next weekend's quick hop up to the Provincetown Film Festival, where tickets are bought for Party Monster and Camp. I wish I could go up Thursday night; rumor has it that Die, Mommy, Die is the surprise 2nd feature at the drive-in. Alas, I think I'll be in Atlanta, for what might be my last business trip to that fine city. Gosh, I'd miss the Four Seasons. And Philth and his boys. And the chance to hang with him and his posse.

Not that I'm counting any chickens, let alone looking at eggs that may or may not hatch.

June 13, 2003

"You look antsy," Larry told

"You look antsy," Larry told me as I was lying on the sofa in the middle room, fidgeting with a magazine and tapping my foot in the air. "Why don't you use up some of that energy and organize a closet or something."

Of all the things to do with my pent up Friday evening jitters, rebuilding a closet wasn't registering on my list of fun things to do. It wasn't even registering on my list of not fun things to do. I meandered into the bedroom and was soon joined by he who would have me tidying up.

"So what do you want to do?"

"Take me to a movie," I said, giving him a big hug and a kiss on the neck. "Take me to a movie or I'll kill you."

Hey, it's good to give options.

Just a short while later, we were in a cab heading to Lowe's on 34th Street. Tonight's cinematic adventure (which I somehow ended up paying for) was The Italian Job, and what a fun-filled romp it was. Yeah, so you'd have to be deaf and blind not to see the third reel coming, but it had some good laughs, some cool chases and plenty of biceps (Marky Mark and the Wrench, yum) -- not too mention Edward Norton, Jason "Handsome Rob" Statham and the giggliest of cyber-geeks, Seth "I am Napster" Greene (who doesn't miss Oz?). Moss Def is funny, who knew? A perfectly diverting and mindless summer movie.

No big plans for the weekend. I wanna see the fish movie, read up on hedge funds and institutional web sites, get to the gym, do some yoga and maybe start the new novel everyone's alledgedly babbling (to their dogs) about.

And I guess I should polish my shoes and make sure I've got a smart suit for Tuesday's meeting.

I put this and this on the iPod this week. A fair chance they'll become good pre-summer listening fare. A better chance they'll be overplayed by the 4th of July.

Dang. In all my flitting

Dang. In all my flitting about over the past couple weeks, I neglected to order advance tickets to Broadway Bares, and now it seems both shows are sold out. Good for BC/EFA, bad for Bob. This will be the first one I've missed in a few years. Grrrr.

If anybody's got an extra ticktet or two they want rid of, give a shout. I'll be happy to take it off your hands.

June 12, 2003

I once read in a

I once read in a change management book that change is like swinging from one trapeze to the next. The hardest part is letting go of the trapeze youíre on, because in that letting go and reaching for the next one, thereís a split second of not holding on to anything. You can see the next bar swinging out there in front of you, and you know it will support you once you grab hold, but you have to make the scary choice to let go of what you already have.

That next bar is becoming more and more clear to me. I had several choices last week, but some have been taken out of play and one in particular is looking like the one I want to grab onto. Itís not quite in reach yet, but it gets closer each day. And as I mull over (and over and over and over) my options, it seems clearer and clearer that, while being the scary thing to do, itís time to let go of this trapeze and start swinging on a new one.

My career as a circus act. Maybe Iíve seen too much Cirque du Soleil in the past few weeks.

Iím ready for the new challenges. Iím ready to start learning again and feeling productive. Iím almost ready to leave behind the safety of the politics and relationships (both good and not so much) I know and start fresh with a whole new group of people. Itís frightening and sad, yet exciting at the same time. It will be like leaving family behind. But I think it is time. And itís not like Iíll be working without a net. Iíve got such a strong support if I choose to do this. Stay tuned. Big interviews next week.

Dear Atticus, RIP

Dear Atticus, RIP

June 11, 2003

"I gained 20 pounds! Ask

"I gained 20 pounds! Ask me how."

That's the button I wanted to make last weekend. There was an Herbalife convention at our hotel in Vegas, and you couldn't toss a handful of ephedra without hitting someone who's button told us how much they loved their job or how much weight they'd lost. There were buttons in English, Spanish and Japanese.

I always thought that Herbalife was a pyramid scheme, so I guess it was appropriate they were staying at the Luxor. You gotta love an event planner with a keen sense of humor.

Larry and I shared an elevator ride with a woman who'd "lost over 25 lbs."

Looking at her badge, Larry said "Congratulations."

She sort of nodded and continued to stare at the elevator door. None too friendly, these Herbalife people. Undaunted, Larry followed the button's instructions and asked, "How'd you do it?"

She looked blankly at us. "Huh?"

"The 25 pounds," I chimed in, pointing to her button. "Diet and exercise?"

"No, I've tried that. It just doesn't work." And the elevator door opened and off she went. We ventured a guess that she wasn't off to moderate a "Successful Selling Schemes" seminar.

June 10, 2003

I've seen pyramids, volcanoes, pirate

I've seen pyramids, volcanoes, pirate ships and dancing water fountains. I got shot into the sky and was amazed at aquatic acrobatics. I threw lots of dice and made a little money in the process. I've seen Americans in their desert playground, and can honestly say that America needs to go on a diet.

Lots to write about, but I've only got time right now for some quick highlights from the past 5 days ...

* Drinks with Andy was a fun-filled way to start the holiday
* Why does every flight I'm on lately dare to show this devil? Enough already.
* Vegas is truly a whole new amusement park since the last time I was there, which was about 17 years ago.
* The pool area at the Luxor is a huge cement frying pan, and the sun reflecting off that pyramid is brutal -- book a cabana early
* Laurie is the best pit boss in all of Las Vegas
* Always play the odds
* My Aunt Judy is one of the cutest, dearest and good-hearted creations ... ever. Forty-three years later she and Uncle Bob (mine, not me) are such a cute couple. Thanks for driving out!!!!
* My sister married the sweetest boy in the world (and, for the record he brought his own cigarettes -- busted)
* Larry's family is still as funny as ever, eh, and it's good to see they don't drink anymore, eh (or any less, for that matter)
* If we never hear "Wheel! Of! Fortune!" again, it could be too soon.
* A proper meal always beats an all-you-can-eat buffet
* To the blonde busboy at Caesar's Palace's Terraza: you and me have a date on an ottoman
* To all most the boys at Red Square (especially Justin and the unnamed bartenders ... me-friggin'-ow) -- I'll chill your vodka whenever you like
* To Eric (Chris??), the black-eyed craps dealer at the Excalibur -- yum.
* Steve Wynn's art collection is very cool -- who knew we'd get some culture in the desert?
* Stoned straight boys shooting dice at 3am are ever-so-pretty
* Drunk straight girls watching the above are ever-so-not
* Me pointing to the youngster playing roulette and telling my sister, "Now, if I were a pedophile ...." (okay, maybe you had to be there)
* Taking the hummer to the west rim (heh heh, he said "hummer" and "rim" in the same sentence) of the Grand Canyon is spectacular -- not touristy at all, no fences, no hotels, just 20 or so people and a big old hole in the ground. Amazing. I'll post some pictures later.
* I can't wait to come back and see Zumanity
* Larry's a huge star for coming up with the whole idea, putting the trip together and then playing cruise director. We do love him so.

There's lots more, but mama's gotta get to a gym or a yoga studio. I'm on serious endorphin depletion.

June 3, 2003

Well it was just about

Well it was just about 10 days ago that I said "I think there will be several irons in a few fires within the next couple months." Whoosh.

I now allegedly have a new boss, but haven't connected with him yet to officially cement the new relationship and talk about roles/responsibilities, so until that happens it's status quo with the soon-to-be-ex-boss. Early last week, an opportunity came up with a different firm that seems very attractive. Out of the blue.

I go visit them for a chat and they ask, "Would you be interested in coming back to take this to the next level?" I say sure and they say great, we'll talk in the next couple weeks. That was last Thursday.

I come to work on Friday and there's a new internal posting for my "dream" job. It's everything I've been saying I want at this firm and would take my career here to the next level. I make a few calls and put myself into the running. STBE-boss thinks I'm perfect for it. He'll "make a call too." An hour later, the new firm calls and asks when I can come in to meet the rest of the people there, including the CEO. That gets scheduled for when I come back from Vegas.

Add this into the mix -- Larry's put the ball in motion for a potential move to London. Who knows if it will happen, but it's a decent possibility right now. If I stay with my current firm, there are global options and the chance I can be based in London, or at least get there on business every now and again. New firm is solely NY-based.

We've been together 11 years (next month) and there's no doubt that we could live through a two-year trans-Atlantic stint, but really ... if he got a promotion that took him over there, I'd so want to be there as well.

I've requested audience with alleged new boss, who is in a world of bullet-dodging right now, and is currently out of the office. I've not heard back from she-who-posted-the-dream-job -- and she's been travelling as well. New firm calls back yesterday trying to get me back into their office this week, before I go to Vegas. Um, where's that remote control so I can press slow-advance?

And ... after six months on the market, we just got an offer on the condo. Let's see ... two new jobs, and a new place to live. That wouldn't be stressful at all? Of course, none of this has happened yet, and it very well may be that nothing comes of anything. But I definitely sense some changes in the air.

At least I can't say my life is boring.

I'm not ready to cross, or jump off, any bridges just yet, but those bridges are approaching the horizon a little faster than than I thought they'd be. In the meantime, hopefully the biggest decisions I'll have to make over the next few days are:

- Sandals or shoes?
- Pool or air-conditioned casino?
- Ketel or Grey Goose?
- Do I want odds on that come bet?
- Did I put on enough sunscreen?

I'm really looking forward to getting away, watching the free theater of Las Vegas, scribbling out a few pro/con decision trees and sharing a bunch of laughs with our family. Oh, and I wouldn't mind winning some money.

June 2, 2003

Larry, Dr. M. and I

Larry, Dr. M. and I saw Down With Love yesterday and give it a full six thumbs up. Great design, clever writing, sold performances and just a plain ol' fun movie. Renťe gets a fantastic monologue at the end (one shot, I wonder how many takes) and the closing credits number will soon be a Sidetrack favorite.

Six Feet Under wrapped up nicely last night. No real messy cliffhangers, a little resolution and plenty of options for next season. Peter Krause rocks and he and his onscreen mother should both get Emmys this year. Better yet, they should get cast in a production of Sweet Bird of Youth. How amazing would that be?

One last media blip -- watched the TiVo'ed series finale for Dawson's Creek last week and it was the sweetest and saddest thing I've seen in a good long time. I sobbed like a little girl who'd just seen her kitty get run over by Daddy's riding lawn mower. I'm not even a big Creek fan, Dawson-adjacent at best, but the whole wrap-up was very well done. As a stand-alone, I'd watch it on Lifetime again over any Markie Post trainwreck.

In 48 hours I'll be on a plane to Vegas for an extra long weekend of fun, sun and dice. I just love it when they yell, "Go, Shooter!"

June 1, 2003

While some folk might think

While some folk might think yesterday a complete waste of a day, I found it totally relaxing and entertaining. The good people at TV Land decided to run a "Witch Weekend" special ... 2 days of non-stop Bewitched. The weather was rainy (shocking, I know) and Larry brought home some bread, cheese and potato chips from the grocery. We already had Diet Coke. I was pretty much set.

I remember loving that show as a kid, and wishing I had magic powers. I even had a little crush on Samantha. I still sometimes wish I could just twitch my nose make things happen (that kitchen does need a quick tidying up). So I sat down in front of the TV, excited to see some of my old favorites. I do believe it put me under a spell.

Things I learned while spending a good 13 hours at Morning Glory Circle:

1. The Stevens were one of the drinkingest couples in all of TV Land.
2. Endora reads "Harpies" magazine. There isn't much of the "here's what's real in our non-mortal world", but those kind of quick sight gags are great.
3. Serena (played by "Pandora Spocks") is way more brilliant than I remember.
4. Uncle Arthur, who was one of my early favorites, isn't as funny as I remember.
5. Aunt Clara is one of the dearest characters ever created. Even in the third episode, where she was first introduced, she's a bumbling old woman. When Darrin goes in to tell her "no witchcraft" in his house and she's just polishing her doorknobs, not really getting it ... it's just so tender and sweet. Be kind to the aging ... they mean no harm and have nothing but love. That was 1964. A lesson people still need to be reminded of.
6. When not being a drag queen cartoon, Agnes Moorehead's an amazing comic actress. In the episode where she's lost her powers and has to actually lift the coffee pot, whimpering "heavy," she was Edina Monsoon 30 years before Jennifer Saunders did it. Very funny.
7. More on Endora -- in episode 2, where she first meets Derwood, they've costumed her very haute-fashionable (completely different wig, costuming). She's stunning. The whole scene's played without a big camp factor. It was a real scene ... good acting, beliveble conflict, strong tension. It was almost like watching a good "Twilight Zone."
8. The first Gladys Kravitz is funnier than the 2nd. Jackie Hoffman should play her in the movie.